Nader Family Donation

The day after Christmas this year, Sarah’s life was changed forever when her husband, EJ, passed away due to complications from an infection contracted during a surgery the previous month.  He also left behind 2 daughters, Ashleigh & Alexis (Lexi).

If you know Sarah, it’s highly likely it’s through one of the many organizations she serves.  Driven by her faith, Sarah epitomizes the word “volunteer” and has spearheaded more causes than one could count. Her heart is big and her generosity of time and energy has literally changed lives and made a positive impact for multiple organizations and individuals in this community.

And now we have the chance to give back to Sarah and her daughters!  Let’s help them focus on moving on by lessening their financial burden.  Your generous, tax deductable donation can bring something beautiful out of this tragedy.  Thank you!

Nader Family