Frequently Asked Questions about the Do It For Durrett Events:

Does Do It For Durrett II benefit the Durrett family?
Not this year. After talking with Richard’s wife, Kelly, we decided to form a non-profit foundation with the goal of impacting other families impacted by sudden loss. Kelly Durrett thinks that’s what Richard would want to happen.

What’s the status of the Do It For Durrett Foundation?
We are in the process of getting all our non-profit paperwork done.

Is there a board of directors?
Yes, there is. There are five people on the board, including Kelly Durrett and Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels.

Is Do It For Durrett II a Rangers event?
No. While it will be at Globe Life Park and will have a heavy Rangers influence, it’s not an official Rangers charity. There are plenty of other people helping the Do It For Durrett cause but since Richard’s main job was covering the Rangers, it’s only fitting that the Rangers play a big role in the event. Who could say no to Richard anyway?

Why isn’t the event at Billy Bob’s?
The response to last year’s event was huge, but we decided to switch things up and move it to Globe Life Park. We hope the Arlington location is easier for everyone in the Metroplex to access. We still have the support of Billy Bob’s and there could be a country-music flair at this year’s event as well.

Will there be an auction like last year?
You bet. The plan is for another live and silent auction, similar to last year. And we’re still working on more dates with athletes after the success we had auctioning off Derek Holland last year. Two dates with Derek raised more than $8,000 alone.

How is the Durrett family doing?
As good as can be expected. Richard’s wife, Kelly, is back teaching, and their son, Owen, is at the same school where Kelly teaches. Daughter Alice is growing, and newborn Margot has a smile that could light up a room.

Where is the benefit money going this year?
We have the family selected and will announce it when we make all the event details official.